Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to common questions about our platform.

Q1: Is there a fee for using this platform to search for matrimonial profiles?
A1: No, it's completely free. We don't charge any fees for profile searches.
Q2: How do I use the app for matrimonial searches?
A2: Using the app is very simple and straightforward to help you find a suitable family!
  • Create your own profile or for a relative you are looking for (e.g., son/daughter/brother/sister etc.).
  • Search for profiles already posted by other members.
  • You can either LIKE or mark the profiles presented to you as NOT INTERESTED.
  • If you choose to like the profile, you can send a Connection Request.
  • The profile member can accept or reject your invitation.
  • If accepted, you will be able to access family's contact details and you can chat directly for further conversations!
Wish you all the best!!
Q3: How is this platform different from Tinder, Bumble etc.?
A3: While Tinder focuses on dating, our platform is dedicated to facilitating family introductions leading to marriage. We provide a streamlined process, and our profile search services are entirely free of charge.
Q4: How is this platform different from online websites such as, etc.?
A4: You need to usually buy a package to use them more effectively. Our platform is completely free to help in your matrimonial journey!
Q5: I am managing a local community (e.g. Agarwal Samaj in Indore). Can I use famintro to manage memberships, events etc.?
A5: Yes, you can manage your community on the famintro platform for free! Reach out to us in case you need any help in setting up your community. Please visit our Contact Us page for assistance.