About Us

Our app aims to foster meaningful connections, enabling warm introductions between families of potential brides and grooms searching for ideal matches.

  • Meet the Team: Our passionate team is led by Tushar Mittal, and driven by the belief that families are the foundation of a fulfilling life. Guided by the wisdom of our cultural heritage where Vivaah Sanskar is considered to be one of the most important of sixteen Sanskars, we aim to create a platform that redefines the way we embark on the journey of marriage. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who have traversed various countries and cultures. Team has rich history of working with top companies in the world as well as scaling up startups!. We've harnessed our collective knowledge to offer our communities a secure, engaging, and effective solution to discover life partners.
  • A Helping Hand: We understand the challenges parents face when seeking suitable profiles for their sons and daughters within their existing networks. Often, they turn to external platforms like WhatsApp groups, matrimonial ads, or Facebook groups, which can lead to a protracted and uncertain search process.
  • Young Professionals: In today's fast-paced world, young professionals often find themselves juggling demanding work schedules and limited time for personal endeavors. We recognize their need for a trusted platform to assist them and their families in the quest for suitable life partners.
  • Our Dedication: Our platform is dedicated to facilitating warm introductions between families. We are onboarding Agarwal Community Members at the moment.
  • Free of Charge: We are committed to offering a platform where posting and searching profiles come at no cost. We believe in providing a transparent and affordable solution without hidden fees or expenses.
  • Our Goal: We've heard numerous stories of families searching for suitable matrimonial profiles for years without success. Our mission is to help soulmates find each other sooner, allowing them to embark on a life-changing journey with ease.